Camp Facilities

Our Recreation Hall has a beautiful fireplace, table games and amazing atmosphere for you to enjoy during your stay. You are also welcome to use the Seton Lodge; it is very cozy with couches and fire place also. Wasewagan’s total capacity accommodates 150 people with a variety of cabin sizes. We have 11 heated cabins that hold from 10 – 22 people. While some of our cabins are equipped with bathrooms, others have a bathroom facility near by.

Camp Layout

H Cabin – 18 Beds
(3 Restrooms inside)

The Village Cabins

Village 4 – 20 Beds
Village 3 – 14 Beds
Village 2 – 14 Beds
Village 1 – 14 Beds
(Restroom facility close)

C Cabin – 22 Beds
(1 Restroom inside)

Whispering Pines Cabins

WP 1 – 10 Beds
WP 2 – 10 Beds
WP 3 – 10 Beds
WP 4 – 10 Beds
WP 5 – 10 Beds
(Restroom facility close)

Hear From Our Cleints

Summer Camp Southern California
Your campsite is amazing!! Your staff was so friendly and hospitable. The food and service were wonderful. It was very nice of you to let my daughter and I join in on the retreat as spectators. Everyone had such a great weekend! I’m glad we didn’t miss out on the fun 🙂
Summer Camp Southern California
We cannot thank EVERYONE enough for making this weekend so perfect…or as the wedding guests referred to it “the most epic wedding ever”! Camp Wasewagan has set the bar so high for future weddings….Ariel said one of her guy friends commented that he will have to wait years before he proposes so this wedding is not still clear!
Summer Camp Southern California
Craig! On behalf of Troop #16055, thank you for hosting a weekend retreat that truly exceeded all expectations. You and you staff are first class all the way!! The amenities were lovely, activities fantastic & great food too. You created memories that will last a lifetime!
Summer Camp Southern California
I really do thank you deeply from my heart for giving our kids such a wonderful, welcoming, safe and family environment for the week they are there. The time at your camp is magic and know-it makes a permanent etching on their spirit.
My grandson, “Junior” loved the camp and I had every intention on sending him back, but he said he was pretty tired. So many activities, and has agreed to come back for a full month next year. I want to thank you for your generous offer for camp. If you remember, Junior won best camper in his bunk!
It was an awesome weekend for our Juniors at Wasewagan. Lots of fun while building confidence. Thank you for an awesome program.