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The Wasewagan Story

“Crazzy” Craig Johnson has been in the summer camp, overnight camp and recreation environment for over 47 years.  He is the Owner of Wasewagan (est. 1933), and Former Executive Director of Lazy “J” Ranch Camp in Malibu. Crazzy Craig and Bonnie are both graduates of California State University, Northridge.  His degree in Child Development and hers in Liberal Studies and Education. 

Bonnie Joy has been a teacher/educator for over 35 years and is experienced in recreation as well. She holds a Life-Time Credential from K-Adult School. Bonnie was an Athletic Director, Coach of a girls softball team, and an Art Director of an elementary school.

Craig’s past work experience with children include 9 years as Vice Principal, Athletic Director, and Counselor at Wilshire West School in Santa Monica.  He enjoyed 12 years as a Manager and Coach of Little League Baseball and also worked with children Preschool through High School in an academic, emotional and athletic atmosphere.

Our staff members are very well trained and professionally prepared in order to meet the emotional and physical needs of each visitor, as an individual and as a group. The majority of our staff work year round; yielding continuity and stability to our program. We help our guests enjoy the many exciting activities and adventures in an atmosphere of trust, confidence, and success.

Overnight Camp, Summer Camp

Wasewagan was originally established in the 1930’s, while its very historical buildings and lodge were built in 1933.  In addition to these buildings, Wasewagan has a modern commercial kitchen facility, dining & recreation hall, heated pool, bathrooms, and cabins.